Great Clips is Cut Above Rest

You don’t need to ask the employees of Great Clips if they like what they do for a living; the proof is found on the faces of their satisfied customers. “It’s quick. They do a great job and it’s not that expensive. They make me look good,” quipped customer Alan Bell, “And I’m really not giving them much to work with.”It’s this type of friendly banter and customer relationship that separates Great Clips from the rest of the wallet-friendly hair cutting shops.

There's No Cutting Corners at Ledo Pizza

Ledo Pizza is a generational pizza place. In July, owners mother and son, Patty and Michael Trevethan celebrate 16 years in Carrollwood in this family-owned business, backed by a beloved franchise born in Maryland in 1955. After moving from Virginia to Tampa in 2000, the Trevethans opened Ledo Pizza because they couldn’t find a pizza place that satisfied their pizza craving. “We couldn’t find the taste or quality we were looking for, so we decided to bring Ledo Pizza here. We could finally enjoy the same type of pizza we had back home,”  she explained.Patty has watched the evolution of customer’s young children transform into adults, get married and bring their own children to their pizza place to experience what Patty describes as “Tampa’s best kept secret."

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