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Published on 30 November -1 in Business
Capt. Matt Selby (author)

Capt. Matt Selby


By the end of the month, the King and Spanish Mackerel, will start to leave our nearshore wrecks but not to worry, a new and tasty new fish will start to move into their favorite shallow water Winter holes.Want to take a guess which fish will be within the reach of many anglers in November - March? Grouper! The fish that put the Tampa Bay area, most specifically the waters off St. Pete and Clearwater, on the map when it comes to commercial fishing. Luckily for us, the commercial guys dont usually bother the nearshore fishing holes many of us recreational fishermen target.

Large numbers of Red and Gag Grouper pour into our nearshore waters with keeper size fish being caught in as shallow as 8 feet and in some cases even less!

Very few people know the secret spotsnearshore that hold quality fish and many of my fishing numbers have been passed down to me for generations.

People dont realize how many fish they pass up when they decide to make a 40 mile trek or more offshore in search of Grouper. Many spots we found by mistake but we used that information to find more spots that mimicked the habitat the grouper seemed to like.-Tim Selby

If youve never caught a Grouper, you owe it to yourself to feel the raw power of these incredible fish. We end up finding Cobia near the wrecks in the winter time as well, another hard fighting, tasty creature. When youre ready, let's go fishing!

Capt-Matt Selby

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