Uni K Wax Offers Customers All Natural Waxing Experience Head to Toe

Published on 7 November 2017 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Nurys Nin (right), owner of Uni K Wax in Carrollwood.

Nurys Nin (right), owner of Uni K Wax in Carrollwood.

After over two decades of experience working in the health and beauty industry in New Tampa, November marks the one-year anniversary of exchanging one dream for another for Nurys Nin, owner of Uni K Wax in Carrollwood.

In November of 2016, Nurys was saving to put a down payment on a new home when an opportunity arose to take ownership of the Carrollwood franchise location where she was an employee. After heavily weighing the pros and cons, she decided that business ownership would be the legacy she wanted to leave her children.

With nearly 40 locations overall, between NY and Florida, Nurys owns the only wax studio location in Tampa.

The Carrollwood location features a team of three waxers, while Nurys and her daughter, Vanessa Ramirez manage the reception desk. Having worked with her team prior to owning the studio, she is proud of the family relationship she has with her waxers.

“We have a great group. I was their friend before I was their boss. We are like a family.”

The studio uses an exclusive, proprietary elastic-wax formula created with all-natural ingredients, like pine resin and beeswax, that’s applied at body temperature and ensures a comfortable waxing experience, even with sensitive skin.

Recognized for having an onsite wax lab, this allows each client to have his or her own wax prepared before every appointment and any leftover discarded. Their attention to hygienic detail is uncompromising.

“You only use the amount of wax for the person who is coming for the appointment, dump what is left. Everything is custom to the appointment scheduled,” she said.

Bathed in relaxing, soft lighting, the studio is clean, pristine and most of all, welcoming to a first-timer which includes not only women, but men and teens. Uni K Wax takes both online and phone appointments and walk-ins are also welcome.

“Most of the time first time customers come in a little scared because there is some pain involved. But after they leave, they realize that they thought it was going to be worse. They come back every month.”

Nurys recommends her customers come back every 4 weeks so the length of the hair is manageable.

“If you wait too long, it may feel uncomfortable as if you are starting all over again. This is why our touch up services are so popular. When you visit regularly, your hair grows back less and thinner, so the service is faster, “she said. “We don’t use strips; our wax is elastic so we pull with the same wax that is applied to the skin.”

Uni K Wax list of services read like an anatomy lesson: Eyebrows, temples, cheeks, forehead, lip, jaw, chin, neck, nose, ears, hands, shoulders, underarms, back, breast, stomach, bikini, buttocks, legs, thighs, knees, and toes.

With over 180 different services to choose from, for both women and men, their most famous service is the Brazilian bikini wax and for the man, the commando.

Clients can choose services one by one or by different affordable packages.

“I love my customers. With services that tend to be private, mostly bikinis, the customers become comfortable working with the same waxer or seeing the same faces,” she said. “I was working for the company for many years so the customers already knew me. When I took over, they were so happy.”

Uni K Wax offers all customers a free membership rewards program to earn points to apply to future services.

“They get 10 points for every dollar that they spend and when they book online, they get 2,000 points. Sometimes they accumulate the points and other times, they use them.”

Clients get 5,000 points on their birthdays and for recommendations.

At Uni K Wax, Nurys strives to provide reliable and fast professional service for this very personal grooming experience. Even the teens have an opportunity to be pampered through their Uni K Teen Club, for 17 and under.

Teens have a discounted menu of wax services for eyebrow, upper lip, panty line, arms, underarms, and legs. They too can enjoy the benefits of the membership rewards program.

The superb care customers receive doesn’t end at the studio. Uni K Wax offers a full line of after-care products that are free from parabens, preservatives, and gluten that help extend the results between visits.

In November, Nurys is offering a free introductory service for new customers – bikini line, upper lip, or upper arm for women and nostril, bikini line, or shoulder for men.

“We offer services from head to toe,” she said and joked, “The only part we don’t do is your hair.”

Located at 15720 North Dale Mabry in Tampa, Uni K Wax is open Monday through Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, and Sunday, 12-4pm. To learn more or to book an appointment online, visit www.unikwax.com or call 813.337.7878.


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