Peaceful Endings for All Faiths Begin at Trinity Memorial Gardens

Published on 30 January 2014 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


Location(s): Trinity Memorial Gardens

How would you like to be remembered? Let’s face it, it’s not the hottest topic to talk about over the dinner table, but it is an important one. Shouldn’t we at least have the conversation about how we’d like to be remembered when the time comes? Shouldn’t we have an opinion and make it known now, and choose the way we would want to be memorialized? Trinity Memorial Gardens, at 12609 Memorial Drive in Trinity, just off of S.R. 54, is fully prepared to help people of all faiths make these difficult decisions while honoring their beliefs and making the grieving process as easy as possible.

Choosing your legacy is important, and while it may be a tough, often uncomfortable conversation to have, it’s one worth having. The greatest gift you can give to your family after you pass is to have your wishes in writing, your plans in place, and better yet – your final goodbye completely arranged. In the midst of grief and loss, it’s an unimaginable task for a grieving family member to wonder, “What would they have wanted?”

The professional staff at Trinity Memorial Gardens, which is locally and independently owned, is experienced at guiding individuals and families on how someone should be remembered. Whether working with individuals who want to have their plans in place way in advance, or working with mourning families who have recently lost a loved one, the kind, experienced staff members are helpful in navigating the many choices and options involved, so that your family can be comforted, and each person’s final wishes can be brought to fruition.

General Manager David Czech says, “Our focus is educating the community about their options. There are endless options, and families don’t know that; they don’t know until it is time.” He explains, “It’s a ministry that we do in actually engaging in educating the community on death and dying.”

Trinity Memorial Gardens is prepared to help families remember the individual who has passed by celebrating their lives and making their funeral as unique and personal as the individual, or the family, would like it to be. Catering to families of all faiths, they have a beautiful facility for funeral services, an expansive and beautifully manicured cemetery and offer crematory services as well. When someone passes, all of their needs can be cared for with dignity, at Trinity Memorial Gardens.

Comfort Those You Love After You’ve Passed

Prearranging a funeral is a great way to comfort those you love after you have died, and prearranging is not as unusual as you might think. In fact, these days, people are taking an active role in their funeral plans, and they are designing a funeral for themselves with their families in mind. This takes the heavy burden off of children, loved ones, and siblings who may have to guess on important decisions such as burial versus cremation. In fact, many are designing funerals that focus less on their passing and more on the beautiful life and the relationships that made their lives so special.

In order to do so, some difficult questions have to be asked. Here are a few of the tough questions. Do you want to be buried? Would you like a fancy casket or a simple one? Would you prefer to be cremated? Would you want an urn? Would you prefer to be scattered? Would you like a headstone? Would you prefer to be buried with someone or by someone? Would you prefer to be placed in an aboveground mausoleum? These are just a few of the many questions that the employees of Trinity Memorial Gardens are prepared to help you decide.

Whatever your personal wishes are, it’s important to share your wishes and make a plan. The questions are hard now; imagine how much harder they would be for your children or loved ones in the days following your passing. Prearranging your funeral takes the burden off of your family, and gives you peace of mind.

Czech says, “Prearranging has so many benefits. It’s the greatest gift you can ever leave your family. Another benefit is that when you prearrange, you lock in the price and can pay over a period of time for the funeral you desire.”

If you haven’t thought about it, it’s time to start the dialogue with those around you, and you’ll be surprised by the answers, because they may not be the answers that you expected. Whatever your wishes, it’s as easy as sitting down with the professionals at Trinity Memorial Gardens and making a plan. Prearranged funerals are like giving a final gift to those who love and cherish you the most.

Trinity Memorial Gardens Helps Families Grieve

Many people believe that the funeral is for the person who has passed, but when you think about it, a funeral is really a time and a place for everyone who loved you to come together in unity and go through the many emotions that go with grieving. There are many stages to grief, and funerals, while sad, are helpful in the healing process for those who are mourning.

The beautiful and recently renovated funeral home at Trinity Memorial Gardens can accommodate many different styles of funerals, from intimate family gatherings, to large wakes where hundreds of people may come to pay their respects.

Equally, the vast 40-acre cemetery, which is only 40% developed at this time, is a serene place to say goodbye, and to come and visit with those who have passed. The beautiful cemetery at Trinity Memorial Gardens is reminiscent of a park, with beautiful landscaping, fountains and flowers. This tranquil landscape is divided into large sections that are designated by faith. In essence, there are many mini-cemeteries within the grounds that cater to different faiths, as well as lovely grounds dedicated to those who prefer a non-denominational burial. Also on the grounds is an impressive mausoleum that offers indoor and outdoor burial options. The cathedral-like stained glass windows welcome visitors into a climate-controlled atmosphere where family members can sit comfortably, rain or shine, and honor those who have died. From plots for one, to private mini estates and family dedicated mausoleums, Trinity Memorial Gardens can help your loved one rest in peace, and give survivors a place to come and peacefully remember those who have gone ahead.

If someone you love has passed away, think of Trinity Memorial Gardens, for they can help you and your family create a funeral arrangement for your loved one that will be heartfelt, personal and peaceful.

Czech says, “We aim to be pillars of strength and certainty in our community.”

If you are ready to make your wishes known, and in doing so, give a long-lasting gift to your loved ones by preparing arrangements now, please consider working with the experienced Trinity Memorial Gardens staff, who will make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. Their mission statement says it all: “We pledge to fulfill our trust and obligation to every Trinity Memorial Gardens family property owner and to all the communities we serve.”

Trinity Memorial Gardens is located at 12609 Memorial Drive in Trinity. For more information on planning a funeral arrangement for yourself or for a loved one, call (813) 920-4241 or (727) 376- 7824, or toll free at 888) 271- 5820. Visit online at for additional information.

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