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Published on 5 July 2013 in Business
Alexis Selby (author)

Alexis Selby


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Whether you are looking to remodel your current home or building a new one, Carrollwood Window and Door will help add stylish appeal to your house, with their beautiful custom designs and quality products. Since 1997, Carrollwood Window & Door has been servicing the Tampa Bay Area with expertise and professionalism, going above and beyond for their customers and providing them with the highest level of quality work. Offering a wide variety of high-end brands, including PGT and Gorell, they have something for every budget and style.

“All I can say is wow,” writes customer J.J. “Our new windows look fantastic. We can't wait to replace more! The installers were absolutely wonderful; very nice, polite, and thorough. We will recommend Carrollwood Window & Door to everyone with a glowing review.”

Family-owned and operated, Carrollwood Window & Door is run by Randy and Deedee Kah, who take great pride in their business and share a dedicated commitment to their customers. “We take excellent care of our customers,” says Randy. “What we sell is trust. You can trust us to come in and give you a fair price and quality products.” Married for 35 years, this husband and wife duo makes an exceptional team, and with their experience and knowledge in the industry, they have made Carrollwood Window & Door Tampa Bay’s leading choice for exterior windows and doors.

Owners Randy and Deedee Kah

Owners Randy and Deedee Kah

Carrollwood Window & Door specializes in both new construction and the replacement of windows and doors in existing homes and businesses, and as a result of their dealings in new construction, they have a great deal of buying power when it comes to all projects – which puts them at a huge advantage in regards to purchasing windows and doors for customers; allowing them to offer high-end products at a very affordable price.

Randy says, “Our reputation is only as good as my manufacturers, so we only use manufacturers that we can trust and know will provide us with excellent products. A majority of the products we distribute are Floridamanufactured. We want to do all we can to keep Floridians employed.”

Another thing that really sets Carrollwood Window & Door apart from the competition is their understanding of product design. In the window and door business since the age of 17, Randy has over 30 years of experience and has worked every aspect of the industry. As past president of AMAF, Randy has gone through extensive training, helping him to really understand the products he sells, such as what makes a good product, as well as the mechanics of windows and doors and how they best work in the layout of a house. As full-time staff members, the product specialists and installation technicians at Carrollwood Window & Door are extremely qualified, and are constantly educating themselves on the most up-to-date products and application techniques, allowing them to serve you with the highest level of expertise on every job. “We know windows and doors,” says Randy. “We are the best in what we do.”

It’s amazing what a difference a new custom door can make in the curb appeal of your home. (above) Before and (below) after with a new front door.

It’s amazing what a difference a new custom door can make in the curb appeal of your home. (above) Before and (below) after with a new front door.

Carrollwood Window & Doors offers a wide selection of brands to choose from and showcases many beautiful sample designs at their show room, located at 6025 North Highway 301 in Tampa. If you are having trouble deciding what you want, visiting their showroom is a great idea; allowing you to physically touch and see some of the products, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask Randy and Deedee any questions you might have. Replacing windows and doors doesn’t have to be a strenuous task, and the knowledgeable staff will work with you within your budget to help you find the perfect fit to complete your project.

Randy and Deedee take a very hands-on approach to customer service, staying involved throughout the entire process. Before each installation, Randy personally checks the order to ensure everything is correct to code, and after the installation is complete he personally calls the homeowner to make sure they are 100% satisfied – if not, he will do everything he can until they are.

Customer Janet G. writes, “I had my doors installed and they are just wonderful; the installation crew did a wonderful job, very professional. The code inspector was impressed with the work also and said he does not see that many jobs as well done as ours was. Thank You!”

Add life and beauty to your house with dazzling sliders and windows from Carrollwood Window & Door.

Add life and beauty to your house with dazzling sliders and windows from Carrollwood Window & Door.

Customer education is very important to Randy and Deedee, and as opposed to high-pressure sales, as one can often find when dealing in this industry, their staff does quite the opposite – taking the approach of informing potential customers about what would work best in their house and why. “We like to educate our customers,” says Deedee. “We teach them about the products so they can make the best educated decisions in what they want and what they need.”

Due to a growing demand from customers, Carrollwood Window & Door has recently expanded their exterior door line. They also offer a new unique program that allows them to show you exactly what your house will look like with a new door. All you have to do is bring them a picture of your home with the old door, and the program will implement the new door in its place.

Carrollwood Window & Door services customers in a 75-mile radius, and with their 22,600 square foot warehouse, no job is too big for them to handle!

Carrollwood Window & Door’s showroom is located at 6025 North Highway 301 in Tampa and is open Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. They are available Sat. by appointment only. For more information or to schedule a consultation please call (813) 626- 7676, visit their website at or email

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  • Owners Randy and Deedee Kah
  • It’s amazing what a difference a new custom door can make in the curb appeal of your home. (above) Before and (below) after with a new front door.
  • Add life and beauty to your house with dazzling sliders and windows from Carrollwood Window & Door.
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