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Published on 11 July 2017 in Business
Carla Dubis (author)

Carla Dubis

General Manager Erica Cormier and Owner Nathan Philyaw

General Manager Erica Cormier and Owner Nathan Philyaw

Pure to Joseph Pilates’ original reformed-biased Contrology Method, but modernized with group practice and expanded state-of-the-art equipment, Club Pilates, located at 13254 N Dale Mabry Hwy offers high-quality, life-changing training at a surprisingly affordable price. The workout challenges your core with the end result being a longer, leaner, and more toned you. And if you keep with it regularly, you’ll be showing off a set of sexy, sculpted abs. 

Club Pilates’ goal is ambitious, yet simple: They want to fulfill Joseph Pilates’ dream of bringing his workout to every person who can benefit from a stronger body and a more balanced life.

Working hard to fulfill that dream is Nathan Philyaw along with his wife Ayesha, who are the proud owners of Club Pilates. They have been running the Carrollwood facility since June of 2016.

Born in San Diego in 2005, Club Pilates has expanded quickly across the nation, bringing Pilates to hundreds of thousands of people.

In 2016, Club Pilates served up over 2.2 million workouts to its dedicated members… and they are just getting started.

Nathan and his wife believe that Pilates is the path to a fuller, more satisfying physical existence. “We believe that being in control of your body helps you to be in control of your life. And best of all, we believe that you can start anytime,” said Nathan.

What Services Does Club Pilates Offer?

Whether you are just starting or have some experience already, there is an ideal class for everyone at Club Pilates.  Their dynamic sessions are available at a variety of levels and at convenient class times.

Club Pilates offers a wide variety of signature classes including; group reformer-based Pilates, functional interval training, personal one on one training or semi private training, cardio reformer classes, TRX and Barre Reformer Fusion classes.

They also offer Teacher Training classes. Club Pilates’ proprietary 500-hour comprehensive Teacher Training program ensures that all graduates are experts, which enables customers to safely get the most out of their workouts. 

While mastering Pilates movements and techniques, student teachers learn how to address the many imbalances and injuries that people face in day-to-day life. Graduates of the teacher training program develop a complete understanding of the musculoskeletal structure and system, gaining insight to help clients suffering from many types of injury, while safely exercising and challenging all individuals.

Each Pilates trainer brings their individual background, personality, and experience with Pilates into their individual teaching style – truly the beauty of this work.

Why Club Pilates?

The Club Pilates team has more combined hours studying, training, teaching and practicing Pilates than any other Pilates studio in existence. “It’s not even close!” said Nathan. “And over that time, we have perfected our unique and proprietary approach to ensuring every Club Pilates member receives the finest training and most effective results!” he added. They call this approach “The Club Pilates Method” which in Nathan’s words “Is the widest array of classes available anywhere, designed to challenge students at every level and target exactly what you want to work on most.”

Club Pilates offers brand-new state-of-the-art equipment in every studio, including not just Reformers, but the entire array of Pilates tools: The Chair, The Springboard, The Barre and The TRX Training System. You will get a complete Pilates workout, every time.

Rest assure you will get the best value in Pilates, with unexpectedly low prices that will allow you to dedicate yourself to Pilates for life!

Nathan, his wife and the entire team at Club Pilates Carrollwood value customer service and will go above and beyond to make your experience one that you will want to repeat, over and over again. Nathan says “I really enjoy working with my team members and helping them grow to reach their full potential. A few of our team members who aren’t currently instructors have gone through Teach Training to further their knowledge in Pilates.” So you are guaranteed to be trained by the very best, which will provide you with the best results possible. “We have a tight nit community and that translates to building rapport and relationships with our members,” Nathan added.

First time goer Steve Rolle had this to say about his experience at Club Pilates Carrollwood; “Being an individual who has been an avid weight lifter for many years, I was skeptical on what I felt Pilates would bring to the table. After participating in a demo class today, I will say that my skepticism is no more. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the different aspect to fitness that Pilates brings. I actually found myself sweating and looking around at other participants (who I know were no where near as physically strong as me) wondering if certain exercises were as challenging to them as they were for me! The facility was immaculate and the owners and staff were super friendly and knowledgeable! I look forward to more sessions at Club Pilates Carrollwood!”

A more experienced Pilates participant, Robin Dreier, found what she claims to be the best Pilates place ever at Club Pilates Carrollwood. “Love this place! I've tried almost all the niche studios, and this has been by far my favorite (and most affordable). I don't think at the end of a workout class I've ever said "it's already been an hour, can I stay for the next class?"

The classes vary so you never get bored, and no matter your fitness level, the instructors explain every move, help you as needed, and explain the reason behind each exercise--what you're working, why the right form is important.

I do triathlons and Pilates has helped me with all three, getting stronger. It's also helped me in day-to-day. Better posture and much less "morning soreness" when waking up. Highly recommend checking out a class, but be warned, it's incredibly addictive!” said Robin about her experience at Club Pilates.

Club Pilates General Manager, Erica Cormier, shared with me that she lost over 30lbs by doing Pilates on a regular basis. “I gained a significant amount of weight after a knee injury, and I was told I could not put any pressure on my leg. So pretty much a lot of exercises were out of the question, except Pilates. Once I tried it I was hooked! and after doing it on a regular basis the weight started melting off! I lost over 30lbs in a short time, and have managed to keep it off by continuing my Pilates classes,” said Erica.

Nathan and the team believe that Pilates is definitely the finest strength-training workout available for anyone, at any age. So they are looking forward to you trying it for yourself. It’s the starting path to a fuller, richer healthier and more satisfying life. Nathan says “The functional strength and flexibility you will gain at Club Pilates won’t just benefit you while you’re exercising; it will become the key to living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.”

At Club Pilates they want to invite you to “Do Pilates. Do Life.” 

Club Pilates Carrollwood is conveniently located at 13254 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618. A new location on the Wesley Chapel / New Tampa area is already in the works, so more people will be able to benefit from this incredible workout.

Current Club Pilates members can now download the new “Members Only Club Pilates App” which allows them to get rewarded with points by simply logging in their classes, referring friends and joining challenges.

For more information about Club Pilates Carrollwood call (813) 773-3880 or email them today at 

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  • General Manager Erica Cormier and Owner Nathan Philyaw
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