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Published on 28 August 2014 in Business

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Imagine yourself waking up to this amazing view!

Imagine yourself waking up to this amazing view!

No traffic, no commercialization, and no stress; surrounded by nothing but nature, as you sit on the back porch and stare out into the serene lake and lush woodlands, you are instantly overcome by a sense of calmness and relaxation. Perfectly contrasted by the vibrant green tree line, the sky is a light blue color. There is not a sound to be heard for miles, aside from that of chirping birds or the ‘who’ of a friendly owl – when you stay at a Bear Track Lake Adventures’ cabin you truly have found a secluded oasis and a perfect representation of what it means to get away. 
If you have never taken a vacation to the beautiful mountains of Kentucky, than you are missing out on one of the country’s most exclusive hidden gems and Bear Track Lake Adventures surely has done an exceptional job of bringing you to nature’s doorstep. Situated in the middle of a valley on 32 acres of mountainous terrain, overlooking a 7 acre lake, this picturesque setting is like something out of a fairy tale. From the moment you arrive you will slowly feel your tensions slip away and the stresses in your life all of a sudden won’t seem so important. If you are looking for the perfect place to recharge your batteries you have found all that and more at Bear Track Lake Adventures. 
As a guest at Bear Track Lake Adventures expect a warm Kentucky welcome from owners Fred and Janice Austin, as well as their son Justin and their three dogs. They were such gracious hosts and really did an amazing job of making us feel welcome and introducing us to the area. Living right down the road from the cabin, they were always there if we had any questions and truly made our experience memorable. Their dogs made great walking companions, especially their beautiful Husky Rocco, who on the first night stayed outside our window, guarding us against any creatures that might be lurking about. 
Fred Austin, a Health Care Administrator in Florida for 17 years, got to missing his mountains and seasons and returned to Kentucky. He built the cabins at Bear Track Lake Adventures as a way to share this beauty with the rest of the world, and since his first cabin was built over three years ago, Fred has had guests from as far away as Europe and as close as neighboring Kentucky cities. No matter where you live or the lifestyle you lead, you can surely appreciate the magnificence that the Kentucky mountains have to offer! 

Relax inside the warm comfortable cabin, you are sure to experience the getaway of a lifetime at Bear Track Lake Adventures!

Relax inside the warm comfortable cabin, you are sure to experience the getaway of a lifetime at Bear Track Lake Adventures!


Sleepy Bear’s Dream  

With two bedrooms, two bathrooms and an additional loft with a bunk bed, the Sleepy Bear’s Dream, comfortably sleeps seven, and is the perfect option for families. Newly built in January, the cabin is immaculate and features hand-crafted furniture, custom wood countertops, two thirdfloor balconies, a full downstairs with a pool table, a work out bike and a hot tub, and my personal favorite – a back porch that overlooks the lake. Just picture yourself waking up to that amazing view, drinking your morning coffee as you sit back in the rocking chair taking in the serenity of the lake as the fog slowly rolls off the top of the water. The feeling is almost surreal, knowing you are amongst nature in its truest form, something untouched by man. 

Bear Lair Cabin  

For those with a smaller group, the second one bedroom cabin is the perfect fit, and sleeps four comfortably. Located right down the road from the Sleepy Bear’s Dream, the Bear Lair too sits right on the lake, with a back porch that overlooks the serene body of water and pristine nature. Built a few years ago, this cabin is just as beautiful and showcases the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as its sister cabin next door. 
As their names imply, these cabins are all about bears- from wood carvings in the pillars to the furniture, to figures and decorations that can be found throughout. I think Fred and Janice were very clever in naming these cabins as you truly feel like a bear in hibernation from the rest of the world. Away from your hectic schedule and work, for once can let your mind be at ease and not have to worry about the demands of your life. 
As amazing as the cabins are on the inside, if you love nature than you are going to have to walk outside and explore the many sights that Lee county Kentucky has to offer. And the best part is, if you are looking to do some exploring, you don’t even have to leave the property. With numerous hiking trails and walking paths, as well as cliffs, geological formations and many other unique sights, you can surely get your fix of nature on this 32 acre retreat. They also have a boat so you can take a trip around the lake for a different perspective; or possibly throw out a line to catch some catfish for lunch. Oh yeah, and did I mention – right outside the cabin doors are numerous 50 million year old caves, one of which boasts cave carvings that date back to what archaeologists believe to be over 8,000 years old. In fact if you are an adventure seeker and consider yourself to be the “outdoorsy” type you even have the option of staying in one of the caves overnight. “How would you like to stay in a 50 million year old hotel,” jokes Fred, “we have that!” 
“This is an amazing cabin and place to vacation,” writes one guest. “It was very relaxing and quiet. The woods, trails, cliffs and caves and wildlife are amazing to experience. My two eleven year olds had a blast on the fishing boats this weekend. The cabin was well-equipped with everything we needed. We loved playing with the sweet dogs too. I’ve stayed at several cabins throughout Tennessee and Kentucky and this is by far my favorite. We will definitely be back. Thanks for the memories!” 

Explore the many exciting caves on the beautiful mountainous property

Explore the many exciting caves on the beautiful mountainous property

On our visit, my husband and I were very fortunate, as Fred gave us a grand tour of the property, showing us the magnificent rock formations and caves. They truly are an impressive sight and as you gaze up in wonderment at these breathtaking geological formations that date back over 50 million years old it really does put your life into perspective. Each nook and cranny and uniquely formed layer tells a story of days past and one can only imagine everything these rocks have been through in their life span. 
With all the activities that can be found by merely stepping out the cabin doors, even more can be found in the surrounding area, from rock climbing the magnificent cliffs to hiking the trails in the state parks, to fishing and canoeing the waterways; they even have zip lining only a few miles away. In fact, you might not be aware of this, but Lee county Kentucky is ranked among the best rock climbing destinations in the world. “People travel from all over the world to rock climb here,” says Janice. When you visit I also recommend you visit the Red River Gorge – one of Kentucky’s famous sights. A natural bridge that overlooks a steep 100 foot + drop off, the Red River Gorge really is a magnificent sight. 
Bear Track Lake Adventures truly is a nature lover’s dream and it is with a heavy head that I leave here today and return to reality; although I seek comfort in knowing I will once again return to this beautiful oasis and revisit the many amazing memories I have made on this wonderful trip. So, next time you are looking to escape from reality to a place where your stresses will simply melt away, where you can finally be at peace and recharge your batteries, I suggest you take a little trip to Bear Track Lake Adventures – it is a trip you will surely cherish for the rest of your life! 
Located five minutes from the world-class rock climbing of Pendagrass- Murrey Recreational Preserve, and 20 minutes from Natural Bridge State Resort Park & The Red River Gorge, Bear Track Lake Adventures’ Cabins are located at 575 Bear Track Lake Rd. in Beattyville, Kentucky. For more information or to book your next vacation please visit their website at, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or give Fred and Janice a call at (606) 464-8097.

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  • Imagine yourself waking up to this amazing view!
  • Explore the many exciting caves on the beautiful mountainous property
  • Relax inside the warm comfortable cabin, you are sure to experience the getaway of a lifetime at Bear Track Lake Adventures!
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