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Published on 28 August 2014 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley


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Type ‘personal injury lawyer’ into the Google search bar and prospective clients are instantly greeted with 1.6 million results in Tampa alone. But what makes a personal injury attorney more valued than his competition?

It’s not the plaques on the mahogany lined walls, the important books in the bookshelf, or even the location of the law office; it’s the integrity, and the personal attention and experience that lawyer brings to the table. 

Attorney Jose Estrada

Attorney Jose Estrada

Jose Estrada of Estrada Injury Law is not your typical personal injury lawyer. Combining a background in the medical field that spans 21 years with his legal expertise, he brings his comprehensive knowledge to each case. Estrada’s two decades in the medical field includes work in the military medical field and 12 years as a Physician Assistant in general medicine. 
“Law is my second career,” explains Jose. “I started in the medical field and while I was in it, I saw the impact that negligently caused injuries had on the patients, whether it was the negligence of drivers or of professionals.” 
What consistently separates Estrada from others in his field is his hands-on medical experience. He says, “My background is not unique, but it’s uncommon –I started as a Navy Corpsman. I was an EMT, a surgical technician, and a Physician Assistant. I focus on personal injury, so the cases I handle involve conditions that I’ve actually treated in the past. As a Physician Assistant, I treated patients, prescribed medications, and held hospital privileges. I still maintain my Physician Assistant license with the Florida Board of Medicine.” 
Estrada has either seen, treated or participated in practically any surgical procedure or diagnoses involved in his cases. Without hesitation, he swiftly recited surgical procedures in which he has assisted, from appendectomy, orthopedics and rhinoplasty to lung removal and even open heart surgery, among others. 
Estrada has been handling personal injury cases since graduating from Stetson University College of Law in 1997. For the past 17 years, he has litigated cases involving accidents, wrongful death, defective products, medical negligence and nursing home abuse throughout Florida. “I’ve been bringing peace of mind to the victims of negligence since 1997 by fighting to protect their legal rights,” says Jose. “We do everything on a contingency basis. The client doesn’t pay any fees or costs unless we obtain compensation.” 
Attorney Estrada also takes pride in the personal attention he gives each client and prospective client. “I’m the one who talks to any prospective client,” says Jose. “They speak with me directly. I get to hear from them and they get to tell the attorney about their potential case or claim. I’m the one who weighs in on all the factors and I’m the one who decides if the firm will be able to assist them.” Estrada offers his services 24/7. When the office closes for the day, all the calls are forwarded to his cell phone. “If someone calls after hours, I answer, whether it be night, weekend or holiday. They can always talk to an attorney.” 
Estrada Injury Law has offices in Tampa and in Estrada’s hometown of St. Petersburg. Estrada is also willing to travel to meet his clients and handles cases throughout Central Florida. A member of Carrollwood Area Business Association (CABA) since 2009, Estrada Injury Law is a regular participant at local Carrollwood events, including the Northdale Family Fun Festival, Village Fest, and Kids’ Day at the Village. 
Estrada Injury Law is located at 14502 North Dale Mabry Highway, Suite 132 in Carrollwood. They’re open Mon. – Fri. 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Estrada is available on evenings and weekends by appointment. For more information please visit

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