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Published on 28 August 2014 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley


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Tampa Healthy Aging

Tampa Healthy Aging

Anthony Granell, Ph.D., D.O. is one of those impressionable people that make you feel like you’ve known them for years the very first time you meet them. Many of you may very well know Dr. Granell; it’s not surprising if you do because he’s a 3rd generation Tampanian and has been a staple in the Carrollwood medical community for over 25 years! 
Starting off his professional career in the Psychology field, he quickly realized that he wanted the power to actually take action and treat the patients he was helping to diagnose. He always knew he wanted to help people, and after going to medical school at age 35 Dr. Granell turned his dream into a reality. After graduation he returned to Tampa and in 1990 started his own family practice, literally! His mother and daughter worked along side him and they all treated his patients like family. 
After over 20 years and thousands of patients later Dr. Granell decided it was time to retire – that didn’t last long; especially when he saw many of his friends in the community

Anthony Granell, Ph.D., D.O.

Anthony Granell, Ph.D., D.O.

suffering from the same negative symptoms that come with aging. Dr. Granell is of the baby boomer generation himself so he understood exactly what the people in their mid to late 40s, 50s and 60s were going through. While age brings many positives in one’s life, it also brings upon many challenges, as we are all aware of. Some of those challenges include fatigue, weight gain, lack of focus or mental clarity and falling sex drive. Most of us just want to feel like our old selves or more specifically, our younger selves. Taking this into consideration, Dr. Granell decided his days of helping people weren’t over yet and launched his newest venture – Tampa Healthy Aging. 
“My patients, young and old, value my experience as a family physician,” says Dr. Granell. “It is the personal care that I offer that makes the difference in their lives. I listen carefully and take the time to answer questions and explain medical issues to them and I do it ‘the old fashioned way.’” 
Dr. Granell takes a simple and effective approach to medicine, an approach he implemented since day one. It’s not rocket science, although it’s easier said than done as far as finding a doctor that will do it. Dr. Granell actually LISTENS to his patients. Dr. Granell says, “Ask a patient what’s bothering them and they will tell you. It’s that easy! I never pretend to know everything and if I don’t have an answer right away I tell them I don’t but I will find out. Demand to be listened to as a patient and if you don’t feel like yourself anymore, let me help!” 
Lets face it, the older we get, the harder it is to look and feel healthy. From keeping off the extra weight we seem to always pack on during the holidays, to just having the energy to play with kids or grandkids. Many factors come into play with weight gain, especially. Think about this; if you start at age 20 as a fit 5 foot 5, 120 pound woman that averages a 4-pound weight gain per year (normal holiday weight gain) and don’t do anything about it, by age 40 you will weigh 200 pounds. A lot of that weight gain could have been prevented with a healthy diet or exercise regimen but a lot happens during those 20 years, such as careers, children, and let’s be honest, husbands (which are pretty much just giant children that require a lot of attention). I’m man enough to admit it, my wife probably does entirely too much for me. 
However, what if you were superwoman for all those years and balanced all of those things as well as dieted and exercised? You may not be 5’5 and 120 pounds anymore, but you definitely didn’t have to put on 80 pounds. 
Then you start getting into your late 40’s, and all of the sudden no matter what you do to be healthy, weight starts to pack on and diet and exercise isn’t enough. At this point it very well can be a hormonal issue and Dr. Granell of Tampa Healthy Aging has just what you need! Even if it’s not a hormonal issue but you’ve been struggling with the ability to maintain a healthy weight, Tampa Healthy aging has the medical weight loss solution that can end your yo-yo dieting frustration – no matter what your age! 
What was once the unknown area of medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT for short has entered the world of modern medicine in a big way and with fantastic results. Tampa Healthy Aging uses bio-identical hormones, which means your body sees them as its own and not some foreign synthetic junk. Hormone therapy can help a women increase libido, decrease hot flashes, reduce mood swings and manage and maintain weight. 
Women, however are not the only ones feeling the negative effects of aging. Men, even though we hate to admit it, are also very susceptible to hormone changes with age. Guys, if you suffer from low energy, change in mood or decrease in sex drive, low testosterone may be the culprit. Ladies, if you’re reading this and that sounds like your man or at least the way your man has been acting lately, do him a favor and have him schedule a free consultation with Dr. Granell. 
Don’t sit around another day and think about how nice it would be to feel young again. Do something about it! Go see Dr. Granell at Tampa Healthy Aging and Feel like YOU again! 
Tampa Healthy Aging is located at 15417 N Dale Mabry Hwy. in TAMPA. For more information please call (813) 963.7500 or visit www.TampaHealthyAging.com.

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