A Passion for Waxing Creates a Career

Published on 6 December 2017 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley


It has been said when you live your passion, you never have to go to worka day in your life. For Cerapiel owner Lina Diaz, this statement has never been truer. She walks upstairs to her salon tucked into the left corner of a shopping complex, never checking the clock, never counting down till break time or end of day, and spends her day making her clients feel beautiful in her women-only waxing salon.

“It feels so good to be here,” she said. “It doesn’t feel like work at all. I get to work with so many different personalities. Every day is different and I’m excited to meet the next person.”

The words cera and piel mean skin wax in Spanish and Lina merged the two words to name her company.

“We do the whole body – hairline, eyebrows, face, underarms, arms, bikini, legs, even toes – everything,” she explained the services available to her female clientele.

A licensed esthetician since 2013, Lina discovered she had a gift with body waxing and although she enjoyed working in someone else’s salon, her dreams were bigger. Encouraged by both her clients and her husband, she transitioned in April 2016 from employee to business owner.

Lina describes herself as naturally hyper, and the task of waxing requires concentration, so it was the perfect match to use her ability and funnel her boundless energy.

Lina and her staff are considered masters of body waxing. One simply needs to read her 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook to see the common denominator – “professional… friendly… fast… affordable.”

Lina uses an exclusive cloth-free wax from Spain and takes time to get to know her clients. For new clients, she reviews every step of the procedure as many are nervous about pain involved. She’s discovered the service feels more comfortable for her customers when she explains the process in layman’s terms.

“Often, they say afterwards, the anticipation was worse than the skin waxing,” she explained. “What separates us from the competition is I decide how much time I spent with my customers. This is a private personal service. I know all my clients by name – they’re not a number. I pride myself on our personal touch.”

After the first waxing, Brazilian takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. Lina recommends coming in every 4 weeks for follow-ups.

“Through the constant maintenance of waxing, the hair grows back thinner and finer. The process is less painful when you come in regularly.”

A testament to her ability, in a little over a year, Lina has amassed nearly 2,000 clients who come in recurrently for service. She credits her coupon on Groupon and consistent referrals for introducing Cerapiel to Carrollwood and the surrounding neighborhoods. They discover the incredible job she and staff do and become steady clients.



Though already deeply discounted at the regular price of $40, for new customers, Lina offers an introductory Brazilian service at just $20.  If clients bring in 3 referrals, they get $10 off their waxing service.

All waxing service is by appointment only and Lina makes scheduling extremely convenient on her website or by text to her cell phone.

Holiday specials include three Brazilians for $99, a savings of $21, three full bikinis for $89, a savings of $16, and three bikini lines for $79, a savings of $11.

Lina also offers treatment for home care in the form of Ultralux, a natural vegan skincare that hydrates and exfoliates.

Gift certificates are always available for purchase in the salon.

Lina summarized what she enjoys best about providing wax services to girls and women in her community.  “I love that I can turn my ability and passion into results for someone. This is definitely not boring. Action is my passion.”

Cerapiel is located at 3418 Handy Rd, Suite 204. Cerapiel is open Tuesday through Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday 11am-7pm, and Saturday, 11am to 5pm. To learn more, find out about additional services, or to make an appointment visit the website at www.cerapiel.com or call Lina at (813) 240-8792. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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