Maloney's Irish Pub

Locals are Saying “Cheers” to Maloney’s Irish Pub

“Why go far when you can stay local?” That’s the burning question the neighborly crew at Maloney’s Irish Pub is asking patrons. They want you along with your friends and family to feel right at home at their Carrollwood location off of North Dale Mabry Highway; and with a great beer selection, mouthwatering menu and cozy atmosphere, how could you not?
            Owners Todd Wingard and Brian Pfeiffer opened Maloney’s Carrollwood location in January of 2016, establishing it as the third in the Tampa Bay Area. Maloney’s Irish Pub, which also serves customers in Westchase and Downtown Tampa, is notorious for creating a both jovial and festive atmosphere year round.

Infinite Edge class of 2018 includes dozens of students with full-ride scholarships

What you get at Infinite Edge:

·       One-on-one instruction

·       Individual, customized curriculum

·       Continuous assessment

·       Competitive pricing

·       Flexible scheduling

·       No contracts


Look to Infinite Edge for:

·       SAT/ACT prep

·       FSA prep

·       After-school care with homework help

·       Tutoring in individual classes

·       Homeschool support


As this year’s high school class of 2018 looks toward graduation and beyond, many students who have been studying at Infinite Edge Learning Center in Tampa Palms are poised to head off to their chosen university, tuition-free.

“We have three students who got full scholarships to Duke University,” says owner and manager Ozra Jabbari. “We have another student who got an academic scholarship to Yale, and many other students – maybe 50 – who got full scholarships to the University of South Florida, University of Florida, and other schools.”

How did they do it?

They turned to Ozra and her staff at Infinite Edge, which has a track record of preparing students to reach their highest potential, including perfect scores on the SAT or ACT.

Many of them have been studying at Infinite Edge for years. If your child – in elementary school or older – needs a challenge or is looking to improve in any educational area, Infinite Edge can help.

“Each lesson is a private, one-on-one session with a teacher, which lasts a full 60 minutes,” says Ozra. “We focus on any specific area of need, and also continuously assess the student’s progress to maximize achievement, as well as retention and comprehension of academic knowledge.”

A professional staff of about 18 educators work one-on-one with kids and teens to be sure they get individual attention.

“We help students in every class and every subject,” says Ozra. “All of our tutors work here part-time, because the majority are professional teachers or college professors. Our staff is matched with specific students who need help catching up or want to push ahead in any and all subjects.”

Renee Ware shares how the approach worked for her daughter, who is now a sophomore at Duke University, with a full academic scholarship. “Kennedy made so much progress in math because Infinite Edge dedicated her time and preparation to where she needed the most help,” she explains. “The encouragement she received from her tutors developed her confidence in an area that was okay, but became a lot better.”

Renee’s younger son, Anthony, now goes to Infinite Edge. “Ozra has worked around our schedule, because it’s so crazy,” Renee says. “It’s been a great help to us, because basketball never stops.”

Test Prep

This time of year, many students are taking SAT and ACT tests. If your child is a high school freshman or sophomore – or a junior who didn’t get the results they hoped for – now is the time to start preparing for the SAT and ACT that will be offered this fall.

Ozra says Infinite Edge has earned a reputation as the “home of the perfect SAT,” thanks to a tradition of coaching students into remarkable – even perfect – test scores.

“My oldest son, who is 18, got a perfect score on the ACT,” says one mom.  “I definitely attribute it to Infinite Edge. He got a full ride scholarship to Duke, and was accepted into several colleges, even Ivy Leagues.” He will attend Duke this fall.

A full test preparation program at Infinite Edge Learning Center can take several months. Cramming all that information in a few weeks won’t yield the same results. “A student needs to have a good foundation, and start preparing sooner rather than later,” says Ozra.

Sahana Gowda planned ahead so that her daughter, Maya, would start preparing in the fall to take the SAT the following spring.

Maya did so well on that first test, Sahana says, that she didn’t want to take it again. “She took one SAT and got a 1530 out of 1600,” Sahana explains. “Maya probably would have done okay without the test preparation, but Infinite Edge helped her to get an exceptionally high score.”

SAT and ACT test preparation is offered in one-on-one sessions, and also group sessions, which always have six students or less.

SAT and ACT aren’t the only tests students are preparing for at Infinite Edge. “FSA is coming in March and April,” Ozra says, referring to the Florida Standards Assessments, taken by all students in third through tenth grade. She emphasizes that some tests must be passed to move to the next grade level or for graduation. “We tutor students to be sure they are fully prepared.”

Now offering after-school care

Infinite Edge now offers an after-school program for elementary school students, helping them to complete and understand their homework, while being cared for in a safe environment.

“It’s great for families,” says Ozra. “We help the students get their homework done while Mom and Dad are still at work.”

A mom whose daughter attends the after-school program agrees. “My daughter is nine and goes to Chiles,” she explains. “At Infinite Edge, she gets more of a personalized touch than she would at other after school programs. It’s nice that her homework is done early, before she gets tired, and we have the opportunity to have some quality time together in the evening.”

Homeschool help, too

Infinite Edge offers flexible scheduling for homeschool students, athletes, musicians, and other students who need it.

“We are here as a resource for homeschooling students who would benefit from additional support,” Ozra explains. “For an additional challenge, or to get help beyond your typical daily routine, contact us to design a completely customized study program for your homeschooled student.”

About Infinite Edge

Infinite Edge Learning Center was established by Ozra and her late husband, Sobi, in 2007. It continues to be a premier provider of customized tutoring, serving New Tampa. Ozra, her staff, and her students continue to achieve superior results, making Sobi’s legacy a proud one.

Infinite Edge is located at 17419 Bridge Hill Ct., in the Tampa Palms Professional Center near Freedom High School. To learn more about how Infinite Edge can help your child, call 813-971-6500 or visit

The Hen House: Shop, Celebrate, Create

It would take a lot more room than I have in this article to describe all the wonderful things you can find at The Hen House. In fact, everywhere I walked in the store, I found myself oohing and aweing over something else!

Clothes, candles, jewelry, soaps and lotions, pillows, kids’ toys and baby lovies - an inventory that is constantly changing and being updated, there is always something new to see. “The delivery man is my new best friend,” jokes co-owner Molly Voth. She and friends and co-owners Shannon Ater and Anna Richardson met many years ago in church and always talked about opening a store together. In April of last year those long talks and discussed dreams became a reality when they opened The Hen House located in Carrollwood in the Main Street Plaza on North Dale Mabry.

Matt Selby

From Editor Matt Selby - Thank You For 5 Years in Carrollwood

Thank-You so much for reading and supporting our FREE monthly publication for 5 full years now! This month marks the start of our 6th year publishing in the Carrollwood area and we couldn’t be happier with our engagement we’ve received from our readers over the years. When I first moved to the Carrollwood area in 2013 I knew it would be the perfect community to expand my family publishing business which has proudly served other areas of Tampa Bay for almost 25 years! I quickly understood why the residents of our great community never leave. The loyalty to Carrollwood like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I don’t have exact figures on this but the percentage of Carrollwood residents who have lived here for over 20 years has to be higher than anywhere else in Tampa Bay. It really is a special place we call home.

 We’ve went through some positive changes over the past several years; our biggest one being our RE-BRAND from Neighborhood News and Lifestyles to Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles as we expanded our publishing reach to over 130,000 homes locally with now 7 individually “hyper-localized” editions including the Carrollwood edition you receive each month. The name really isn’t that important, in fact many of you probably never even noticed the change. I guess more than anything it sets us a part from smaller publications who only service a small amount of areas or single neighborhoods. We are and always will be a free service to the residents of our community and since our only source of revenue is through advertisements local businesses place with us, it’s important they know what makes us unique and our large distribution throughout Tampa Bay is a nice selling point.

We’ve also rolled out a number of changes to our Social Media. We now have around 15,000 followers on Facebook and another 12,000 or so on Instagram. We really appreciate all the love online so Thank-You all so much for interacting with us on all our digital channels.

My family and I look forward to many more years in Carrollwood and we couldn’t do it without your support of the many great local businesses our community has to offer. We appreciate your readership, friendship and your willingness to shop local!



We accidentally misquoted Dalia in the article that ran in February. Dalia still has Lupus. Unfortunately at this time there is no 100% cure. Her symptoms are gone which she attributes to the wraps but the Lupus is just in remission. We pray that Dalia and everyone else affected by lupus will one day be blessed with a cure.

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