From Editor Matt Selby - Thank You For 5 Years in Carrollwood

Published on 30 November -1 in Business
Matt Selby (author)

Matt Selby

Matt Selby

Matt Selby

Thank-You so much for reading and supporting our FREE monthly publication for 5 full years now! This month marks the start of our 6th year publishing in the Carrollwood area and we couldn’t be happier with our engagement we’ve received from our readers over the years. When I first moved to the Carrollwood area in 2013 I knew it would be the perfect community to expand my family publishing business which has proudly served other areas of Tampa Bay for almost 25 years! I quickly understood why the residents of our great community never leave. The loyalty to Carrollwood like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I don’t have exact figures on this but the percentage of Carrollwood residents who have lived here for over 20 years has to be higher than anywhere else in Tampa Bay. It really is a special place we call home.

 We’ve went through some positive changes over the past several years; our biggest one being our RE-BRAND from Neighborhood News and Lifestyles to Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles as we expanded our publishing reach to over 130,000 homes locally with now 7 individually “hyper-localized” editions including the Carrollwood edition you receive each month. The name really isn’t that important, in fact many of you probably never even noticed the change. I guess more than anything it sets us a part from smaller publications who only service a small amount of areas or single neighborhoods. We are and always will be a free service to the residents of our community and since our only source of revenue is through advertisements local businesses place with us, it’s important they know what makes us unique and our large distribution throughout Tampa Bay is a nice selling point.

We’ve also rolled out a number of changes to our Social Media. We now have around 15,000 followers on Facebook and another 12,000 or so on Instagram. We really appreciate all the love online so Thank-You all so much for interacting with us on all our digital channels.

My family and I look forward to many more years in Carrollwood and we couldn’t do it without your support of the many great local businesses our community has to offer. We appreciate your readership, friendship and your willingness to shop local!



We accidentally misquoted Dalia in the article that ran in February. Dalia still has Lupus. Unfortunately at this time there is no 100% cure. Her symptoms are gone which she attributes to the wraps but the Lupus is just in remission. We pray that Dalia and everyone else affected by lupus will one day be blessed with a cure.



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