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Matt Selby (author)

Matt Selby

Dr. Newsom

Dr. Newsom

You’ve probably seen Newsom Eye’s ad on the back cover of our Carrollwood edition for a number of years now. Many of you have made the wise decision of visiting Newsom Eye for a various number of vision concerns and experienced Amazing Outcomes! Your eyes are so important and unfortunately, they’re something we take for granted far too often. If you’re starting to see a difference in your vision or are experiencing symptoms that could lead to an impaired quality of life due to a loss in vision, do yourself a favor and don’t wait another day. Go see Dr. Newsom and his team. They have helped so many people in our community and I wanted to personally take this opportunity to tell you a story about a local resident named Debra Schrils, who currently lives in South Tampa. She’s a shining example of one of Newsom Eye’s Amazing Outcomes! 


Debra suffered from a serious case of Glaucoma and didn’t even know it! She was a rare case because she exhibited zero of the tell tale Glaucoma symptoms. Just to give you an idea of how bad it was, normal eye pressure is under 20 and Debra’s eye pressure was 55! A pressure reading of over 30 is grounds for nerve damage and anything over 40 could lead to vision loss and at her pressure reading of 55, she could have gone completely blind if left untreated. Her regular physician referred her to Dr. Newsom after a routine check-up discovered the problem on New Year’s Eve 2009. Naturally concerned about her elevated pressure, Dr. Newsom worked to first reduce the pressure using medications. Comfortable with the results, she went home for the evening and was asked to return on New Year’s Day, January 1st, to re-check her pressure.

Debra Schrils

Debra Schrils

“Dr. Newsom personally came in on New Year’s Day just to see me because he truly cared about how I was doing. It just shows what kind of person he is,” said Debra. Fortunately for Debra, her eye pressure was stabilized using the medications and no emergency action was needed at that time.

Two weeks later, Dr. Newsom was able to implement a laser corrective surgical procedure that reduced the pressure and permitted Debra’s life to return to normal, no longer in need of those many medications to control her eye pressure. She still uses eye drops but other than that, eight years later, her vision has not deteriorated thanks to Dr. Newsom and his team of medical professionals. Newsom Eye has the most technologically testing available and is proud to have internally developed the Newsom Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery Technique.

Debra says, “I really can’t thank Dr. Newsom enough! He was skilled enough to catch and aggressively treat the type of Glaucoma I was faced with, stop the damage and save my vision! If you are showing any symptoms of Glaucoma, Newsom Eye should be your only choice.”  

Newsom Eye offers several different Glaucoma testing techniques, and each one provides more information about the health of the eye. Testing can be extensive as the team at Newsom Eye aims to learn as much as possible about each patient, and the progression of the disease so that the team can effectively treat and correct the issue.

Dr. Newsom stated, “We were more than happy to see Debra on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to help save her vision from a potentially dangerous case of Glaucoma, in addition to treating her over the last eight years. At Newsom Eye we treat everyone the way we would treat our own mothers and believe all of our patients deserve NEWsom EYES! Our skilled surgeons and physicians provide NEWsom EYES by participating in research using only the most advanced technology to achieve Amazing Outcomes.”

What Is Glaucoma?


Glaucoma is one of the world’s leading causes of blindness. It tends to affect older patients although it can develop in children and young adults. The most common form is Primary Open Angle Glaucoma where the drain of the eye is open. The most severe form is Acute Narrow Angle Glaucoma where the drain of the eye is closed. There are other sub-varieties as well. It is for this reason that the work up for a Glaucoma exam involves numerous different analysis of the optic nerve and fluid outflow of the eye for proper diagnosis and analysis for Glaucoma progression.

Newsom Eye’s Glaucoma Specialist, Dr. Vinita Srivastava, noted that most patients with Glaucoma have high intraocular pressure (IOP). However, patients with low pressure can still develop Glaucoma. Of course, pressure is still a very important indicator that is typically used as a measuring tool for the disease, but it is definitely not the only measurement used for diagnosis and treatment.

The Newsom Team

The Newsom Team

A glaucoma suspect is a patient that presents with one of many possible risk factors. Newsom Eye performs a complete work up to determine if the suspect has Glaucoma. Much like diabetes and high blood pressure, it is sometimes difficult to diagnose Glaucoma immediately. Testing is needed to confirm the diagnosis or label the individual as a “watch patient”. Even if a patient does not have elevated pressure, other symptoms, or any family history of Glaucoma, Newsom Eye’s team will take all precautions to prevent and maintain the best possible outcomes.

Concerned about Glaucoma? Newsom Eye will help!

Don’t leave something as important as your vision up to just any doctor. If you want to experience the outcome you deserve; an outcome that is truly amazing, then You Deserve NEWsom EYES!

Contact our office at 813-908-2020 or visit our website at to make an appointment.


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