Wheatfields Cafe Bakery; With passion and hard work a savory dream was born!

Published on 12 October 2017 in Business
Carla Dubis (author)

Carla Dubis

Savory Pocket with a side of malt vinegar fries and dipping sauce

Savory Pocket with a side of malt vinegar fries and dipping sauce

Founded and operated by Guy and Nadia Driver, Wheatfields Cafe Bakery is the official home of the Savory Pocket. The dream was born from the couple’s strong passion for baked goods and a burning desire to share their famous South African meat pies with all of us here in the USA. “We are taking something that we grew up eating and loving in its traditional form and flavor, and adding tasty ingredients and spices that have never been tried until we said, "We are the 'Pie Maker's for the people!” says Guy. “We love making meat pies and because we also love the USA we wanted to make sure we could offer our savory pockets here for you to experience.” Luckily for us, out of all the places in the country they could have gone, Guy and Nadia ended up here in Tampa Bay! 

The Driver Family

The Driver Family

Guy and Nadia’s daring and exciting savory pocket adventure started a few years ago at local farmers markets and their dream evolved to the adorable and cozy brick and mortar location they run today in our wonderful Carrollwood neighborhood. “We feel at home here in Carrollwood,” says Guy. “Because we had been doing the Carrollwood Farmers market at the Cultural Center for the past three years and we found it to be one of our best markets which made Carrollwood the obvious choice,” says Guy.

Conveniently located at 10434 N Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa FL 33618, (between Linebaugh Ave and Floyd Rd) Wheatfields Cafe bakery is your one stop shop for an affordable and filling savory meal with a sweet ending. 

Exquisite Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Bacon and a Blueberry Ginger Dipping Sauce. It Was To Die For!

Exquisite Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Bacon and a Blueberry Ginger Dipping Sauce. It Was To Die For!

What is a Meat Pie / Savory Pocket?

Meat pies are extremely popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa, where Guy and Nadia Driver are originally from. Guy says, “Growing up in South Africa, we were raised to enjoy Meat Pies, just like the Australian, New Zealanders and the British. We bought pies at bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores, sporting events etc.” Meat pies for them are pretty much what Hamburgers and Hot Dogs are to Americans. “The funny thing is that the meat pie is by no means a totally new product in America,” Guy says. “It's the presentation that is different!  But other than that, it's everything we already eat here in the USA.” 

Made fresh daily with golden flaky puff Pastry, Wheatfields’ “savory pockets” or meat pies are stuffed with rich savory gourmet fillings and tantalizing sauces. Made only with Real 100% beef, chicken or pork. veggies, herbs and spices. “We use only the finest and freshest ingredients,” says Guy, "pure goodness to create the most delicious Meat Pies that will fill your belly and warm your heart”

Wheatfields Cafe Bakery offers 15 great varieties of meat pies including; Chicken Potato, Bourbon Pork, Chicken Curry, Philly Cheesesteak, my personal favorite; Steak and Stout, Spinach Feta and Sundried Tomato Pesto, Shepherd’s Pie, Bacon Egg and cheese and many more! They also offer fantastic grilled cheese options (some include copious amounts of bacon!), and delicious soups including creamy tomato soup and other soup options. Other side menu items now include french fries, try them with traditional malt vinegar or with a variety of awesome dips, which can also be purchased as a main meal. 

In the sweet department Wheatfields Cafe Bakery offers a large selection of Fresh Fudge, Brownies, exquisite Cinnamon Buns, Muffins, Croissants, Cookies, Truffles, Cheesecake, Fruit Filled Croissants, Chocolate Eclairs, Cheese Danish and other awesome pastries that Guy and Nadia change up daily to offer customers a nice variety.  Wheatfields will definitely satisfy any of your sweet cravings. Their drink selections include Tractor Soda, which is an Organic soda made from all natural ingredients, Ceres Fruit Juice which is a 100% Juice not from concentrate, locally brewed Ginger Beer, freshly brewed coffee and a large assortment of herbal tea flavors.  You can also buy your favorite loose leaf teas by the ounce.

If you want to eat delicious comfort food in a casual and relaxed environment and be treated like family the minute you walk through the door, then look no further.  I remember the first time I walked inside Wheatfields Cafe Bakery, it was only a few days after my father had passed away so I looked like a wreck.  Nadia must have sensed something was wrong because she immediately came from behind the counter and gave me the warmest of hugs!  She made me feel right at home, offered me freshly brewed coffee and even gifted me some chocolates which she heard me say were my father’s favorite.  I could tell that I was somewhere really special, where friends and family were a priority. “Here at Savory Pockets we love our friends and family.  And that is exactly how we perfected our delicious and uniquely flavored meat pies for people in the USA,” says Nadia. “Sitting around our very own dinning table in conversation and laughter, taste testing our pies with friends and their kids!” 

Assortment of Teas

Assortment of Teas

Wheat fields is not only family owned and operated by Guy and Nadia, but their youngest son Micah has recently graduated high-school and is also working with them. “Our oldest son Kyle is now proudly serving in the United States Army, and his wife Melanie also works with us,” says Nadia. 

Guy and Nadia are as hard working as they are passionate about their business, and they are also firm believers of God and his mercy. “We at Savory Pockets rely on the awesomeness not only of our product, but we rely on the Faithfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ who is head of our home and our business,” Guy says. “And I boldly would like to state that because of the Lord, we will be extremely successful (not by my might but by His.)”

Wheatfields offers catering services, which can be picked up at the store and offer discounted pricing and mini versions of a lot of their dishes, including their famous savory pockets.  If you would like to purchase frozen pies you also have that option. Purchase your favorite pies and bake them at home. Easy to store and simple to bake! 

Fresh Fudge

Fresh Fudge

Wheatfields now offers online orders with deliveries during lunch time limited to a 7-mile radius.  So please call and make sure you fall within their range before placing an online order. 

Location: 10434 N Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa FL 33618

TEL: 813-264-1966

open  Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6pm

Saturday 9:00am to 3pm

Sunday 9:30am to 2pm

You are encouraged to log on to their website http://www.wheatfieldscafebakery.com/ for full menu and more information.

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